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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  September 28, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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closures but by and large the big event was big success. so why the tension? well -- >> all thing considered the big papal weekend went about as well as anyone could have prayed for. big well behaved crowds, cooperative weather, and in pope francis a guest of honor who ex sueded charm and grace and humility. >> i think for him this visit was probably taxing and tiring but also joyful and philadelphia greeted him in just the most warm wonderful marne possible. >> reporter: the hope in the aftermath of the world meeting of families is that the pontiff' message of peace, love and reconciliation lasts well beyond the weekend. that words become deeds. the church's priest sex abuse scandal is an important case in point. >> god weeps for the sexual abuse of children. >> pope francis lectured local
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bishops sunday morning after meeting privately with victims sex abuse some at the hands of priests. afterward a victim's advocacy group labeled the meeting feel good, do nothing. i asked philadelphia's archbishop charles chaput about that claim. >> first of all it wasn't a publicity stunt. >> irritated chaput says this pope has put church leaders on notice abuse will not be tolerated and victims are to be treated with compassion. >> we deeply regret the past. we look to a better future and, you know, people are angry and they want to say we're not doing anything except symbolic things. i understand their anger. i don't know how to get through that. except that we keep trying and we had keep trying. >> reporter: chaput today was particularly angered by what he views as the broad brush of guilt used by some of the church's critics. he said we must show justice to the vick items but also to the accused priests and to the community. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, bruce. busy day at philadelphia
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international airport. people who came to see the pope are now heading home. that's a lot of people. airport officials warned travelers last night to show up early so far phl tells us it hasn't scene any major problems or big delays. >> it seems many people use the bike share program to get around the city. in the go ridership broke records on sunday the program saw 5300 rides 134% jump over the previous time the city launched the in the go program back in april. >> one mom has story to tell. all the road closure we to deal with all weekend. imagine tryin dealing with themn you're trying to get to the hospital in labor. >> her doctor gave her details what to do if she started going in labor. she didn't think she'd have to use it. her baby wasn't due until next week after all. well, you saw him there, little patrick james, he had other plans. mom called a cab around midnight ran into a couple of road blocks
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but one opened just in time. >> i wasn't no time to be nervous or nothing. i was just like, ready to go. i felt, you know, sure enough they said i was like at 7-centimeters already. i was like wow. like everything happened like -- it was like quick. >> yeah it was. james patrick wasn't the only baby born over the weekend. two penn hospitals within the pope zone had 25 babies born. >> we posted highlights from the pope's visit including his homily and photo galleries from the weekend on our website it's at just click on the hole father in philly tab at the top of the home page. live look at trenton and the state capitol. cloudy days you can tell. we're in store for big changes. later this week. chief meteorologist scott williams tracking that forecast. scott besides the clouds today, seemed like it was little warmer not going last. >> it's not going to last we're tracking a fall chill in the
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seven day forecast but the high today made it up to 83 degrees. right now take look at the satellite and radar. a couple of sprinkles dotting the map mostly cloudy skies but no heavy rain just yet. take look at this front. well off to the west. that's going to be our soaker later on this week. you can see mostly cloudy skies out there. a few peeks of sunshine. 80 degrees right now. wind direction out of the southeast at about 8 miles per hour. and take a look at the low this morning. 65 degrees. the afternoon high made the up to 83. that's 10 degrees, yes, above average. so certainly it was a warm and muggy day. the sun will set this evening at 6:49. temperatures right now not that bad. we have 76 degrees in atlantic city. 77 pottstown as well as reading. so mild and breezy. we're looking at cloud cover moving in. patchy fog develops again for the overnight. coming up we'll talk much more about that heavy rain expected this week, watching the tropics and more on that fall chill ahead but this is the
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disturbance we're watching a tropical depression 11 how some of this moisture and wind could move in our area coming up. back to you. >> all right, scott, thank you. investigators in montgomery county are looking for clues in a deadly home invasion that happened late last night in lower moreland township. it left a man shot dead and his wife running for help and now police are looking for whoever fired that gun. fox 29's dave kinchen joins us live in front of that home right now. dave n community is shaken tonight. >> reporter: absolutely. a lot of people on edge right now. we know the montgomery county district attorney's office is working with lower moreland police in the investigation and they tell us that this was deliberate act. >> surprised when i came out this morning. >> reporter: police search for clues around a home on philmont avenue 2300 block in lower more land township. officers found a man dead on the front lawn after a home invasion ended with violence. >> i heard some gunshots. but i just thought it was somebody watching something on
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their phone out there. i had my windows open. >> reporter: investigators say 53-year-old kevin brown was shot inside the house after 11:00 p.m. last night in a target add tack. they say brown crawled out of a top floor window and got to the lawn but died not long after. >> seemed very nice. always polite. i always said hello. treated my son well. >> montco da office says the victim's wife fled through the window to get help. >> i'm very much saddened for the victim and i'm sure the family is very much troubled. >> reporter: sources say cops are looking for the least one suspect who barged in through the back of the house and may have been wearing mask. >> a little informs it's a couple houses away, and, you know, i always lock my doors, but they apparently forced their way in. so i'm not really sure. >> i think it's important to note that we don't think this is a random attack on a house.
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>> reporter: the haven't not clear. we do know at least two of the victims children were home and were not harm. they were removed by police. >> i guess we live in violent world and sometimes these things happen. >> reporter: well investigators say they could be looking for more than one person. it's just not clear at this point but the district attorney's office stresses that neighbors should not be worried they say this was a targeted attack. they say neighbors should feel safe. back to you in the studio. >> all right, dave, thank you. family and friends are mourning the loss of north jersey high school football player who died after getting hurt in a game. 17-year-old evan murray was hit on the field. he walk off with the help of some teammates friday night but short time later he collapsed on the side lines and later died at a hospital. meantime friends, family and others have been remembering the 17-year-old as incredible student and an amazing athlete. >> he was the nicest kid. he was very tal leapted and
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athletic, and very humble and i just feel so sad. everybody is so heart broken. >> new jersey governor chris christie and the new york jets even tweeted their condolences the teen's funeral is scheduled for thursday. allegations of child abuse tonight in montgomery county that police are calling some of the most horrific in recent memory. upper perkiomen police say nicholas, ripped three teeth out of autistic boy's mouth. he was watching his girlfriend's four-year-old son. he pulled out the boy' teeth when the four-year-old wouldn't listen to him. he's in jail on $100,000 bail and has a court date on thursd thursday. rutgers university has been hit with another cyber attack. it is the fifth attack in less than a year. university officials say the attack started this morning. the school's technical staff was working to restore the service but further details were not disclosed. similar attacks in may and august made the network inaccessible. >> if you want to vote in
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pennsylvania's november 3rd election you have one week to register. for the it you can do it online. pennsylvanians can still register however by male or in person at the dmv. if you bought a ticket to hear the dalai lama speak at the liacouras center next month you'll be getting a refund. the spiritual leader canceled his upcoming trip to the u.s. late last week. a doctor has reportedly advised him to get some rest so if you bought a ticket for the event way credit card you'll get an automatic refund if you used cash you'll have to take your tick to the box officer to get your money back. it's only monday and some of you may already be ready for the weekend. >> i know i am. >> i've been ready. if you're thinking about getting on the train hope you got extra dollars on you. next at 6:00, the reason you may have to shell out more cash amtrak. >> big bucks is what it will take to repair an iconic jersey shore landmark. we'll tell you why. >> a lot of good things that happened to the eagles in the win over the jets yesterday but one of them was from the
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smallest guy on the football field and there would be darren sproles. some unbelievable glowing words from the head coach, also, from the players and unbelievable comparison to an all-time great football player. that will be coming up later in sports. ññ
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♪ >> seven-year-old daughter of presidential candidate rick son tour rum gets a special blessing from pope francis just before he left philadelphia last night. touching moment was captured on camera. bella santorum was born with a genetic disorders that causes abnormalities in the brain and heartly santorum and his wife have seven children and they were all moved by the blessing. >> he's such a beautiful baby girl and it was such a joy to see him see her as she is as beautiful holistic human being. just absolutely amazing to have him hold her and kiss her. really really touching. >> the pope told his driver to
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stop several times during the papal parades in the city so he could bless children in the crowds. many of them dealing with serious illness. >> amtrak cracking down on how much luggage you can take with you. listen closely. you got to follow the red dot op this one as of thursday, amtrak is going to start enforcing that baggage policy. you can take 150 pounds of luggage with you for free. luggage being the stuff that you check in. now, the stuff that you go on the train with, personal items you can have two of those, right? each of them weighing 25 pounds a piece. you can also have two carry o os on top of those personal items 50 pounds each. four things you can bring on the train with you. total weight would be 250 pounds. i told you about the bouncing ball thing. if needed, you can still take more stuff on the train with you for 20 bucks each. did that make sense to you. >> i wouldn't take that much. >> there you go. >> that makes it simpler. >> exactly. big cuts happening in wholefoods over the next couple of months much the company is cutting 1500 jobs. wholefoods says the cuts are
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needed to help lower prices and keep up with competition. wholefoods was recently hurt by bad publicity when new york city officials found it was overcharging customers much the company is trying to a poop peel to a wider audience and plans to open up a new chain of stores with lower prices. >> all right. for fans of chipotle burritos that car in it tas is back. the company said issues with the pork supply for its popular shredded pork are now resolved. it's at 90% of its locations as of this point and should be available at all chains by the end of november. >> get ready america. burger king bringing its black burger to the us. it's halloween twist. the burger will have a pitch black bun like it's predecessor but infused with an eerily familiar american flavor, a1 sauce. burger will be available for limited time. hurry up it will cost you about five bucks. >> is it like squid ink or something? >> i don't know. >> i'm wondering. she has stood guard along the jersey shore for years and now
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lucy the elephant, i love that name, very well named, she needs your help. iconic elephant at margate needs about $58,000 in repairs. the executive director says work needs to be done on the carriage that sits on her back. she also needs a fresh coat of pain. so far grants and donations have been able to help cover some of the costs and the folks that work on lucy are hoping to raise the rest of the money by selling t-shirts online. if you'd like to buy a shirt we've got a link at click on as seen on tv. >> let's check back in it your fox 29 weather authority. we are tracking some changes out there. scott? >> iain and lucy lot of weather to talk about for the upcoming week. pretty good soaking tuesday night into wednesday. and then we'll have to watch the tropics maybe for some coastal impacts. right now, pretty quiet. still kind of mild and also muggy. 80 degrees. winds out of the southeast at about 8 miles per hour. look at the temperatures. above average for this time of year. 76 right now in trenton a pair of sevens wrightstown.
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79 still in millville. 77 in pottstown as well as reading. upper 60s the cool spot right now in the pocono mountains. talking about the dew points again remember the measure of moisture in the atmosphere any time those dew points are above 60 it starts to feel sticky. dew points in the mid to upper 60s right now. as we take a look at the scale you can see in the uncomfortable range for most if you're stepping outdoors. so a little humidity out there on this fall evening. we have mostly cloudy skies. a few sprinkles but no heavy rain just yet. our next real weather maker this frontal boundary moving through sections of the upper planes and the midwest. that's going to tap into some tropical moisture in the gulf as well as the atlantic so scattered downpours tuesday evening through wednesday. locally one to 3-inches of rain but it look like the highest tolls will be north and west lehigh valley pocono mountains. once again war dry pretty much quite but watch for some fog developing overnight tomorrow.
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it's movely cloudy, foggy to start a couple of light showers around but then watch what happens as we move toward tuesday night here's 8:00 o'clock. we're looking at some of that heavy rain off to the west. then it look like a little disturbance area of low pressure will end hasn't the lift and squeezes out a lot of moisture. this is midnight so overnight tuesday into early wednesday we're looking at heavy rain. that's the bulk of it. lingering showers as we move toward wednesday with gradual clearing and then really a fall feel behind that system. so you can see as we roll the clock ahead tonight, mild, muggy may a spotty shower tonight. tomorrow morning foggy patchy drizzle in spots and then really that heavy rain doesn't arrive until late tomorrow night. here's 8:00 o'clock. you can see some of the system out to the west. then once again overnight where you see the orange, the roads, the yellows looking at rainfall rates one to 2-inches per hour and then for the wednesday morning rush, it look like the heavy rain starts to taper off and move out of here so once again, you can see the computer models on average one to
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3-inches of rainfall. the highest amounts being lehigh valley, pocono monday tense where you can see maybe 2-inches or more around reading anally len town maybe 3-inches towards sections of the pocono mountai mountains. watching tropical depression number. watching a disturbance in the gulf mexico the computer models take some of that moisture into the southeast eventually toward our direction. then the spaghetti plots want to take and develop that depression into joaquin and move it close to the jersey shore and long island. as we take a look at the official forecast track from the national hurricane center you can see really too close for comfort. off the coast of our area by saturday mack mum sustained winds at 50 miles per hour. that weather authority seven day forecast is going to show us what we're talking about over the next several days. a little unsettled. then certainly watching the coast cooler temperatures as we head into friday and also the upcoming weekend. back to you. >> all right. scott, thank you. >> we're following breaking news
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tonight. skyfox over lower providence montgomery county where police were called to the scene of an accident. this is at rittenhouse and egypt roads. to cars were involved in the accident. one person air lived to the hospital. and the roads are now shut down. there are other injuries but we don't have any word yet on how serious they are. >> let's head on over to how war eskin talking about those eagl eagles. >> well, an eagles player yesterday did something that hasn't happened for 50 years in the nfl. i will explain and also there may be another eagle player going on the injured reserve. that will be coming up in sports.
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>> monday morning quarterback is sponsored by xfinity your home for the most life sports. the players were happier yesterday. they get a win. you listen to jason kelce and malcolm jenkins at their radio show. it was so different than the first two weeks. so different. that's what happens when you win a game. that's the important thing. one and two rather than zero and three. ryan matthews had a great day yesterday. demarco murray was hurt he rushed for over a hundred jars yards. sam bradford clearly was better at quarterback yesterday. again, he's got to get better. he knows he's got to get better. but the first drive at least was points on the board. a field goal but sam bradford
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does know he has to get better. >> i missed a few throws. we had a few drops. a couple different things. different drives that set us back. but, you know, like i said, i don't think there's anything major. really proud the way we fought, you know torque get that win. to hang in there. to fight. it's huge for us right now. darren sproles how about the little guy, smallest guy on the yard 89-yard punt return here's what's interesting about that. he is the second player in nfl history with -- well actually he's the fourth player in nfl history to score a punt return for touchdown, rush for touchdown, the last guy was 50 years ago and that was gale sayers the players and coach can't say enough good things about darren sproles. >> couple things that are guaranteed when he catches the ball. the first guy will miss. and then, you know f you can get a hat on everybody else, he's going to score. so every time he touches the
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ball we're just -- we expect him to score. >> i've never been around a guy i've been a around a guy that practice as consistent and as hard as darren does every single day. that's the way he's built and the way he's wired and, you know, we always tuck about you sing to your level of training and what you see on sundays from darren what we see every single day whether it's a walk through or whether it's a practice. that's just, you know, it's an amazing thing to watch, um, i wish more players would emulate it. >> you know what, special teams a will win games and wouldn't them last year for the eagles. code buy dee parkey he'll be placed on injured reserve and khalib sturgess would be the new kicker. not confirm but it could happen. back to you guys. >> all right. how war, thank you. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you right back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next.
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♪[ music ] curtains for carly. and -- >> please send someone. my children are trying to kill me. >> now the parents break their silence. they forgive their sons. >> an exclusive "inside edition" poll. would you forgive your children if they did that to you? >> plus, family video lost at the bottom of a river. how they got their treasured memories back. the telltale clues. >> i zoomed in on the patch. >> then, runaway trailers. hundreds of people are getting killed. why does this keep happening? >> this pin is the most


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